Xbee digimesh module is not supporting 115200 baud rate?

For testing the data throughput of Xbee digimesh modules , i used the following setup.
Configured two Xbee digimesh module with digimesh firmware with a baud rate of 57600. C program in linux to send data packet to one of the Digmesh module and another c program was used to analyze the received data packet through digimesh point to point link formed by the two modules. When i tested it with encryption enabled, the throughput was 13.82 kbps.

Then changed the interface baudrate of digimesh modules to 115200. Now most of the packets were not receiving.

I tested it using the XCTU utility. It was also showing the same problem.

Is it due to any baud rate mismach? For all below baudrate , it was working fine. Also what is the system clock of Xbee Digimesh module. I am using XBee Pro S1 module.

Yes their could be a baud rate mismatch if you are using the S1 hardware. The closest baud rate the S1 hardware can do at the 115.2kbps rate is 111,111kbps.