How can I see 250 kps in the trhopugput test window of XCTU?

Can someone please explain to me how I can get 250 kps as a test result in the XCTU throughput window.

I am out of options here…

What to do exactly to get the max out of the module?

In what circumstances can get this troughput?

Thanks in advance,

You can’t. I believe you are getting confused between the fixed data rate and the throughput. Please check the manual for the XBee module you are working with for the throughput that is supported.

If 250 kbps is not possible, how to get the max then? 91 kbps?

Whatever I tried I get not more then 20 kbps at 115200 and 30 kbps at 230400.

By the way why 230400? IS not common baudrate at all.

I searched for throuhput of digimesh 2.4GHz modules… not 1 work of it in

Only RF data rate 250kbps… but who is interested in RF data ate if it is not equal to the throughput?

I think every customer would like to know what data he can get through right?



I tried different modules S3B S1 S3B , the best I ever got is 20 kbps with s3b.

What can be the reason it is so bad?

What I really miss here is a possibiltiy to upload screenshots and profiles of the module to verify by others.

You told me I could get 30 kbps wen I get 8 kbps, 91 kbps when I get 20 kbps.

There must be a reason these figures not match right?

The Xbee’s should be an easy way to communicate, but as long as speeds are so low we can not use it propely in our home automation products.

So is there a way to email profiles and screenshots to a digi support line to analyse what goes wrong?