Throughput option to test acurartly the maximum bps for different Xbee modes and modules?

I am looking for the best way to test the real speed that different Xbee modules in different modes really offer.
I saw last version of XCTU offers a throughput test window but it not works here. I used XB24C modules, 1 as a coordinator and one as a router.
I can communicate in the hyperterminal in 2 directions, so I think settings are ok.
I tried with jumper at second module hearder and no jumper.

What is wrong? This should work?

Thanks in advance for all advice,


The throughput testing requires that you have the local node in API mode and the remote is in AT. You also need to have both discovered in XCTU.

Ok That works but…

Instead of 200kbps I get 20 kps…

The modules are jut 1m away of each other and there are no hops, just 2 modules XBEE 900 at 925 MHZ.

Why the throughput is so low?

How can I get max performance and relaibitlity out of this module?

Should 925 MHz go much further then 2.4 GHz?

When we test it it is nearly the same.




Wim, what country are you in?

Which XBee modules are you working with?

The RF data rate is not the rate you can stream data. That is just the fixed rate in which the radios talk to each other. You need to look in the product manual for the radio in question to find the supported throughput.