How to achieve the throughput in SX868 datasheet

I’m using two SX868 modules with XCTU to perform a throughput test. The result is around 10 kbits/s with it in high data rate mode, but the datasheet suggests that it should be possible to achieve 32kbits/s. I have tried it at different ranges, and the throughput is the same regardless of range. How can I achieve the throughput in the datasheet?

I don’t know what settings you are using but I would suggest the following:
On both
DL1 = SL2
DH1 = SH2
TO = 0x40
BD = 7
MR = 0
MT = 0
RR = 0

Thank you. I have tried those settings and the throughput is now around 20kbits/s. A bit improvement, but still short of the 32kbits/s in the datasheet.

the 32kbos is under ideal circumstances in a lab.