Root password

Hello, i just installed the Digi Connect ME and i want to know if i can change the password of user “root”. There is no problem with some configuration.

thank you

Do you have a dialog attached to this device (a serial connection between the ME and a PC running something like hyperterm? The dialog gives you the ability to change the root password. After you boot up the device (ME) an initial set of information is listed you then have 5 seconds (default0 to hit a key. It will ask you for teh current root password (I am assuming you know it.). After all of the internet-related prompts yo will get a prompt to allow you to change the root password.

Thank you. And i can change the password everytime i want, by the web interface, right?

If you program it, then yes. Check this thread,8127 the root password can be easily changed via SW.