RS-485 - how to transmit?


I want to use a point to point RF transmitter and was thinking about the RS-485.
I want to use one of the devices as the transmitter and another one as a receiver.

I wasn’t able to understand how to transmit:
I understand that there are 4 I/O:

  1. Ground
  2. VCC
  3. TX
  4. RX

is that right?

If so, to transmit, do I only need to insert bits into the TX input?

I really want to simplify the transmission process and it seems that the RS-485 is the right device for me, but I want to be sure before purchasing.


Well RS485 uses differential signaling, so for at least half-duplex communication you need at least 4 wires, VCC, GND, A and B. A and B carry the differential signal in either direction (TX or RX).