RS485 BACnet MS/TP support added to Rabbit Stack


Release 009 of the BACnet stack for Dynamic C now supports RS485 as a comms option with the addition of MS/TP support to the stack.

The latest version can be downloaded from

I have tested the MS/TP operation with the BL5S220, XG4500, RCM5600W, RCM5700 and RCM6700 boards. The BL5S220 and the XG4500 have built in RS485 support and the RCM products were tested using the serial communications accessory board from the delux dev kit and an RS232 to RS485 convertor (B&B Electronics 485SD9TB in my case).

Please let me know if there are any problems with running MS/TP as this is my first attempt at implementing this functionality and any feed back would be appreciated.

I’d also be interested in knowing if anyone gets the MS/TP or the IP version running on other Rabbit based boards (I’ve run it on the above boards and the BL4S100 and BL4S150 boards as well).

Peter Mc Shane