RCM5600W, BL5S220 and XG4500 added to BACnet stack

The latest release of the BACnet stack at https://sourceforge.net/projects/bacrabbit/ (release 008) includes support for the RCM5600W series minicores, the BLXS200 series SBCs and the XG4500 SBC (see http://www.x-graph.be/xg5500.htm for details).

I’ve also tidied up the ports a bit more and added a bacnet_tick() function to simplify the running of the stack.

Most of the ports use uC/OS 2 but the XG4500 is an example of how to use the stack without an RTOS.

The BLXS200 and XG4500 ports show how easy it is to set up a configuration scheme to allow the BACnet objects be tailored to the point configuration you need for a given project.

Peter Mc Shane