I am working with the xtend x-ctu, and i have a big problem.
I can’t display the RSSI’s value. I always have -40dBm on my screen what ever happens. Even when i put the different unit far away from each other. I always have -40dBm or -104dBm. I can’t have -60dBm for example or -90 dBm.

Is it normal. It’s important for some of my tests to know the exact RSSI’s value.

Hello Horty,

XTend DigiMesh firmware does have some issues with RSSI and the XCTU range test.

The good news is the [b]DigiMesh v. 8064 (current)[/b] has some really cool diagnostic tools built in.

You can perform a remote range test between two adjacent nodes (two nodes that have direct communication with no intermediary hops) using API packets.

The method to do this is described in the [b]current manual[/b] starting on page 48 and continuing through page 51.

Also, there is an API packet generator that can be found at the following link:

[b]API Packet Generator[/b]