RSSI value does not change when moving xbee

Hello everybody
i am using xbee serie 2 and ATAP2(with escaped characters)
and i want to get the rssi byte from a coordinator that is connected to a xbee router and i have this code :

if (Serial2.available() > 21 && == 0x7E)
for (int i=1;i<6;i++){

 byte skipbyte =;

rssi =;//this is the byte 7(the rssi value)
Serial.print(“the value of rssi is”);

and the result is :

the value of rssi is 51

and this value does not change even if i move the coordinator!!! Can any one help me please

Are you trying to poll the RSSI after sending data from the Coordinator to the router? If not, then you need to send a packet from the coordinator to the router to get a new RSSI level.