Xbee networking help????

Hi guys,

I’m reading RSSI value of xbee ( naturally there is another xbee emitter also) with followed code part(in AT mode).But in my project i should take 3 RSSI values from 3 xbee (emitter) and these values should be received by one xbee and arduino.Namely,How can i see SEPERATELY those 3 values in one xbee and connected arduino?I need an urgent help,if you could help i’d be so happy.

int digitalPin = 10;  // the RSSI pin 6 of Xbee is connected to this PWM Pin. (Digital Pin 10)
int rssiDur;  // Variable for RSSI

void setup()

void loop()
rssiDur = pulseIn(digitalPin, LOW, 200); // get's the RSSI Value
Serial.println(rssiDur);  //for debbuging and first setup.

If you are using the 802.15.4 XBee modules, try using API mode at the Ardino side. The 802.15.4 modules receive packet will include the RSSI value.