RSSI at remote module

I am trying to get an RSSI value (analog voltage) at the remote XBee module (pin 6). The default setting is P0 = 1 which is RSSI. But when I connect this pin (#6) with one of the analog input (AD0-AD5), I should get an A/D converted value at the receiving XBee module (in the received packet).

I am not getting that. Any idea ? how can I do that?

Thanks in advance.

I have not checked to be sure but I believe that the RSSI works off of PWM. Hope this helps.

Thanks for you quick reply.

In that case I want something like below:

  1. Base module will transmit a packet (ABCDEF, for example),
  2. The remote XBee module will send its 32 byte packet after receiving the packet from the base XBee module.

Whats the easiest way of doing this ?