Trying to monitor the RSSI indicator: pin 6 connected as Digital Input?

I am trying to monitor the RSSI indicato wirelessly. I don’t like to send AT commands because I want to receive it periodically ( such as a sensor node) within an API frame with others parameters (temperature, supply voltage, etc).
I want to display all these parameters on my PC ( i.e. Processing), but I can’t find any instruction to decoder the frame and get the RSSI.
Finally, my question is:
Can I wire the Pin 6 to a Digital input of the same Xbee and send it like a digital input? Later, my software is going to count the duty cycles of the PWM…Is it possible?


Probably it is impossible.
If a RSSI output is changed to an analog and it takes in by ADC, how is it?

OK, connected as analog input, perhaps? I don’t know exactly how it can works in this case, but as you said, it is impossible to measure it if I try to do it as a digital input.
Thanks again