RST 38 Error

I am using the MiniCore rcm5600w WITH dc VERSION 10.60

I am using U/Cos II to start 4 tasks. I was making good progress then for a reason I have not been able to determine I am getting a RST 38 vector not intialized error.

Anyone have some ideas on where to start with this one. when single stepping I am not able to get the error, so I am a little clueless on this one. Any thoughts would be apreciated.


I did figure this one out. THe issue was that I had inadvertantly overflowed a char array using a string copy, the char was set at s[30] and the strcpy was putting 55 charecters into it, The interesting thing is that the strcpy did not produce an error, it was not till at RST 38 interupt vector tried to link to corrupted memmory that the thing died.