RCM3100 has RST 38 error when compiling.

Using Dynamic C 9.62

Core: RCM3100

The code complies to flash and when it begins to execute I get the following message:

Box Title: Dynamic C
Error Msg: Run Time Error : An RST 38n occurred, but the RST 38 vector is uninitialized. Address 00:ec22

The code has run successfully before. I have made some minor logic changes, but have not added and functions or anything that would call the RST 38 differently than before.

The same thing happens whether I have #nodug or not.

I see this occasionally and the only way I have found to get rid of the error is to edit the code slightly and attempt a recompile. The change can be as slight as switching the order of two commands that are not required to be in a certain order.

If I had:
x = 4;
y = 6;

I would change it to:
y = 6;
x = 4;

Nothing else in the entire program would be changed, then the problem would go away.

You should also install the library patches for Dynamic C to see if that cleasrs the error