RCM3100 'Lock up' with Dynamic C 9.21?

We (my office) have been using RCM3100’s for some time without any problems. Recently we have had various strange ‘lock ups’ with our code that has been hard to identify. It is not that the code has locked up completely, but some of the communications or outputs seem to quit working.

Our programmers are using Dynamic C version 9.21 and I am wondering if there are any issues with the ‘new’ red colored processors (lead free) that we should be aware of and need to change that might be causing us problems? We were not having these problems until the lead-free units came out. Could it be a problem between these new core modules and our version of Dynamic C?

It might be something we changed in code, but I’m searching for information here to illiminate compiler issues. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

We had a similar problem that turned out to be an incorrect Targetless board selection. There was not a selection appropriate to the IL2T processor for the 3110 in the pull down. Once we created one and compiled using that as the targetless assignment the problems went away. This was not actually as a result of the switch to the red rabbits, but it happened when we got a new batch that “happened” to also have been around a processor change. The red board uses a UL2T processor which as far as I have seen does not perform differently from the IL2T, but something to consider.

Thank you for the information. I will keep this in mind. One of our service technician and our main programmer have been on a job I am now 99% sure that our problem is NOT with the RCM3100. Looks like we have received a bunch of fake Chinese MC4067 multiplexer I.C.'s that are causing our problems. The processor is getting all of its digital inputs through these and we have caught one malfunctioning at a job.