RTLS with xbee

Hi all.
I’m building the RTLS with xbee.
I was forced to take as thesis project by professor. :frowning:

I have 5 xbee series2 modules (1 is coordinator the others are end devices)
I checked the modules make PAN itself but I don’t know how I can get RSSI value. What I need is RSSI value not data.
So… I wonder if I have to use MCU to operate end devices. If I don’t have to, can I build the RTLS with just setting on X-CTU(just for end device)?

I’m gonna use ARM7 with the coordinator.
And I won’t use multilink or something like that.

Please show me the way… thx.

Hi, counld give me some hints, i am trying to do the same thing as you. Thank you