Run Dia localy


I have downloaded and extracted the Like in the started guide, i try to run dia from cmd.exe. I receive the error message below. For me, it’s difficult to understand the problem. Could you help me?



Determining platform type… PC host environment assumed.

iDigi Device Integration Application Version 1.3.8
Using settings file: dia.yml
Core: initial garbage collection of 0 objects.
Core: post-settings garbage collection of 28 objects.
Starting Scheduler…
Starting Channel Manager…
Starting Device Driver Manager…
STransform(count_by_two): WARNING: cannot update property, it may not exist yett
arting Presentation Manager…

Exception during dynamic class load:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “./src\common\”, line 195, in service_load
service_class = classloader(module_path, class_name)
File “./src\common\”, line 52, in classloader
a_module = import(module_name, globals(), locals(), [‘’])
File “./src\presentations\console\”, line 57, in
from presentations.console.console_tcp_server
File “./src\presentations\console\”, line 33, in

from presentations.console.console_interface import ConsoleInterface

File “./src\presentations\console\”, line 56, in
import digi_cmd as cmd
File “./lib\”, line 77, in
from digi_readline import raw_input, socket_input
File “./lib\”, line 38, in
from lib.serial import Serial
File “D:\dia\lib\”, line 20, in
from serialwin32 import *
File “D:\dia\lib\serial\”, line 9, in
import win32file # The base COM port and file IO functions.
ImportError: No module named win32file

Exception during core initialization:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “./src\core\”, line 251, in epoch
File “./src\presentations\”, line 60, in init
AbstractServiceManager.init(self, core_services, (‘presentations’,))
File “./src\common\”, line 105, in init
File “./src\settings\”, line 177, in init
accepted, rejected, not_found = self.apply_settings()
File “./src\common\”, line 121, in apply_settings
File “./src\common\”, line 148, in _reenumerate_ser
File “./src\common\”, line 201, in service_load
“unable to load ‘%s’: %s:%s” % (name, e.class, str(e))
ASMClassLoadError: unable to load ‘presentations.console.console:Console’: :No module named win32file
CoreServices: fatal exception caught! Halting execution.

I may be completely wrong here, so someone correct me if thats the case. Try installing the PyWin extensions (make sure you grab it for the correct version of python):

Which version of python are you running? 2.4?

The PyWin extensions is always a good idea on a Windows machine (I’ve always preferred the IDE it offers, less like a UNIX editor).

I believe to run the CONSOLE presentation, you also need pyserial … but I do think Dia includes this already in the src/lib/serial directory.

As per our Dia online documentation:

From iDigi Dia 1.3 onward, to run it on a PC you must install pywin previously. Please, install pywin for Python 2.4. It may be downloaded from this link: