Running as autonomous target

As a novice to this, I am struggling to find help on what I have to do to run my developed program to boot directly in the target system on power on (i.e. as a stand-alone target without being connectd to the dev system). I’m using a linux OS on cc9p9215. I know I have to change the boot loader but how/what to?

Create a full project in Digi ESP.
Copy in your executable into any folder in Full project /rootfs folder. use init.d and init scripts in /etc folder to start your application right after bootup.

you need to understand /etc/init.d/ filesystem… google for it…
There are different boot levels . you can use the last boot level to start your application.

Thanks Tuxxy - I’ve been out of commission for a couple of weeks but will check this out tomorrow

Works like a charm! Thanks