Running test to handle case when receiver accidentally goes off

I am using XBEE-PRO 900HP(source Xbee) as transmitter that transmits request to receive a packet from another Xbee(destination Xbee).

Currently, I am trying to handle cases when the destination Xbee is powered off accidentally. In order to begin handling the case, I power off the destination Xbee and then send packet request from source Xbee. I get the following:

{‘retries’: ‘\x01’, ‘frame_id’: ‘\x01’, ‘deliver_status’: ‘%’, ‘dest_addr’: ‘\xff\xfe’, ‘discover_status’: ‘\x02’, ‘id’: ‘tx_status’}

Here, the deliver_status is 25. I found the following online:

This implies that the deliver_status corresponds to EMBER_SERIAL_RX_PARITY_ERROR. I am not sure what could possibly cause this error? Any guidance to inform me about the error or direct me to the right link or interpretation of the received packet would be highly appreciated!