RX packet id 0x81, i would like 0x80

Function set: XBEE 802.15.4
Radio: XB24
Version: 10CD

when my coordinator sends a RX packet to PC, the packet type ID is 0x81 and byte 2 & 3 show the 16-bit MY value of the sending radio.

although iā€™m using 64-bit addressing when sending from radios to the coordinator, so i thought the packet id when going into the PC from the coordinator would be 64-bit and not 16-bit. :wink:

what option in the function set do i change on the coordinator so the packet id is 0x80 and RX packet is sent to PC with the 64-bit address of the sender versus the 16-bit address.

on the coordinator i have these values set:


I had this same problem.
It seems, strange enough, that you need to set
on the sending device.
Apparently it uses its 16 bit MY address for sending if available, even if you use the 64-bit address api identifier 0x00 for TX request