Will a Coordinator and End-Device accept 16-bit addressed Broadcast messages from each other

I understand that an End-Device automatically sets its MY address to 0xFFFE when programmed to Associate with a Coordinator, and that is to accept 64-bit addressed messages. Will an End-Device and/or the Coordinator accept 16-bit addressed Broadcast messages, despite the MY being set to 0xFFFE?

This is on an XBP24 Series1 device



Yes, all 802.15.4 devices accept 16 bit broadcast address packets as long as they are on that channel and PAN.

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I don’t think I really got a complete answer to a follow up to this question, which was why is a 16-bit addressed packet when sent between two xbees set up as coordinator and end device always get converted to a 64-bit addressed packet, and is there any way of stopping this happening, to minimise the number of bytes being transmitted over the air and at the receiving end?


That is because of the settings in your module that is doing it. Without seeing the Profiles of the two, my best guess is the DL/DH/MY values on both. Could also be the Association functions (A1 and A2).

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I believe that I have A2=110b in the coordinator and A1=0110b in the end device.I thought that the MY address was forced to 0x1FFE in either the coordinator or end device?
Can I read and save the profiles in XCTU to send to you?

Firmware version of both Xbees is 10EF, by the way

The A1 and A2 settings are the reasons why you are having the issue. Try turning off these values and you will see the result you want.