S2B device in API mode not responding for some time


I’m using several of the S2B Xbee radios. All of the devices have either Coordinator API or Router API firmware installed.

With all devices, when I use X-CTU to try to contact the device, it fails to recognize it properly (yup, I do have the “Enable API” checkbox marked). However, I’ve then switched to the terminal pane and entered API frames manually, using Digi’s API Frame Maker.

This is where things become very confusing…at first, the S2B does not respond to the API frames either. But eventually, after trying many times, it finally does respond (and properly!). I’ve had this take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes. But once the device starts responding properly it keeps it up and all is well.

This is obviously not desirable behavior, and I’m hoping someone might have some clue as to what exactly is going on. I don’t want to have to wait an indefinite period of time after I switch a device on to be able to properly talk to it. I’m assuming it’s supposed to start working right away!

Any help that could be given would be very much appreciated. Thanks so much for your time.


EDIT: It gets stranger…for some reason the AT command API frame containing BD (baudrate request) is most successful at getting the device to respond. Usually only one or two API frames sent before receiving a proper response when using a BD AT command frame.

Hello, I have the same problem. I use version 2170 for coordinator and i use version 2370 for router.
I think it’s a distance problem because when i place my hand between two antenn (module distance is <1meter) the connection between two module is lost and if i remove my hand the connection is present.I call digi support today!!


HI llakais ,
Me too had the same problem. I found this method somewhere and its working fine for me. I am using explorer board.
When XCTU fails to communicate,

  1. Remove the explorer board from the computer.
    2.Remove Xbee radio from the explorer board
  2. Plug explorer board to the computer
  3. Safely plug Xbee radio to the board.
    Now XCTU cam communicate with the module.
    This is quite strange and wild method. But it worked for me.
    BR SAM.