s2c supply voltage calculation shows 3.9v should be 3.3v

In the documentation(s) it shows the same calculation for s2 and s2c supply voltage reading.
“To convert the A/D reading to mV, do the following:
AD(mV) = (A/D reading * 1200mV) / 1023”
my s2’s show correct 3.3v but a s2c in the same socket shows 3.9V. I’m using firmware version 405F. the raw %V value in XCTU is: CFD

What is your VREF connected to?

I don’t know what VREF is connected to. The XBEE is plugged into a USB board to be configured by XCTU. I thought %V was just a measure of voltage supplied to the XBEE?

I reported this to digi and it is a bug, to be fixed ether correct the formula or fix the xbee firmware (prefered)

The new S2C does not require a formula calculation.

You simply convert the hex value to decimal.

There is nothing in the S2C manual that indicates a formula calculation is required: http://www.digi.com/resources/documentation/DigiDocs/90002002/default.htm#reference/r_cmd_percentagev.htm

%V is reading what is reported or seen on VCC. Not the other ADC lines.

Yes, that link to the manual should be for %V

I was using the downloaded pdf manual that had the incorrect formula.
“XBee/XBee-PRO® S2C ZigBee® RF Module User Guide”