S6B SPI Receive data problem.(S6B)

Hi, Everyone.

I have a problem with SPI communication.

I want to SPI communicaiotn with S6B.

The transmission data is correctly transmitted to the server program.

However, there is a problem with the received data.

If data is received in S6B, I know that data starting with 0x7E should be received.

However, the start frame of the received data starts with 0xFC.

ex) I send '1234’data to S6b.

The SPI Received data is

FC 00 1D 61 81 50 00 09 80 02 21 C2 02 00 62 64 67 34(HEX)

Can you tell what’s wrong?

------------------ The program operation sequence is as follows. ------------

1)If received data is input

2)Interrupt occurrence

3)call the receive function cdoe

4)S6B Chip enable


6)S6B Chip disable.