SAR Testing a Custom Board with the XBee-Pro Sx

I am developing a device that uses the XBee-Pro Sx and is worn close to the body. I am aware that SAR testing will be required, but I have a few questions on the process of getting my XBee powered device certified.

1.) - What are the usual steps taken by developers to get an XBee device certified for body worn applications?

2.) - Is there a way to program the XBee (in my device) to transmit at a certain worst case duty cycle expected by the device for the purpose of testing?

3.) - As the Pro Sx module will not pass SAR testing at 100% duty cycle and 1W Tx power, is there any way to limit the maximum permissible duty cycle in a deployed device?

Thanks in advance for any answers to these questions and shared experience on the topic.

1: Most start by talking to their Regional Sales manager so they can arrange for the required test code and NDA’s. You also need to have an FCC Certified testing house you have a contract with.

2: The test code will do what is needed for FCC testing.

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Thanks mvut; we’ve gone ahead and contacted our Digi rep regarding the test code. For reference, we have been given the following options:

1.) Have our testing house sign an NDA to obtain the test code. Presumably, our test house will then program the XBee module on our device themselves.

2.) Purchase XBee modules of the same type as is in our device and send it to a Digi office where the modules will be programmed with the test code. Digi will then send the modules directly to our test house.

As our device uses another radio alongside the XBee, we will most likely be going with option 1. Perhaps option 2 would be viable if our testing house was willing to solder the module on our device, or if we could send a few prototypes to Digi to program, or for other applications where there are no co-located transmitters.