SC2 Can a co-ordinator (AT mode) send data to a specific router (API mode) in the network, via python code ?

I have 6 Xbee SC2’s (Fn set=TH Reg), 4 of them are in AT mode sending data to the co-ordinator (AT mode) which is connected to a PI4 and it’s data is being processed by a python file for a specific purpose. But can I forward on the data to another Xbee router on a different PI for a different purpose/end-result via python or similar ?

Sure you can. Just change the destination address on the coordinator.

Thanks, would that be SH > DH & SL> DL of the receiving router? I tried the python code “device.send_data(remote_device, “Hello XBee!”)” but it looks like both have to be in API mode. But my constraint is co-ord has to remain in AT mode.

Yes that is what that would be.