Scheduled script cannot run LXC

I’m using an IX30 on the latest firmware ( I’m attempting to follow the containers examples Digi Containers SDK | Digi International with the provided test_lxc.tgz. The container creation seems to happen fine, and “show containers” at the console shows the container as “configured”, “enabled”, and “STOPPED”. Additionally, when I create an automation script to run the simple ping inside the container as outlined in the SDK tutorial, I get the following error:

Aug 23 20:18:39 IX30 lxc-execute: test_lxc: start.c: print_top_failing_dir: 99 Permission denied - Could not access /opt/lib/lxc. Please grant it x access, or add an ACL for the container root
Aug 23 20:18:39 IX30 lxc-execute: test_lxc: sync.c: sync_wait: 34 An error occurred in another process (expected sequence number 1)
Aug 23 20:18:39 IX30 lxc-execute: test_lxc: start.c: __lxc_start: 2074 Failed to spawn container "test_lxc"
Aug 23 20:18:39 IX30 lxc-execute: test_lxc: tools/lxc_execute.c: main: 224 Failed run an application inside container

Obviously I can’t chmod +x /opt/lib/lxc given the permissions of the admin account on the device. Has anyone found a work around? Is this a known bug and I need to downgrade to an older version? Which one? Thanks!

Hello and welcome to the Digi Support forums @akurzweil !

Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to test this but I do not see any internal notes on bugs or permissions issues with containers. With that said, I will take this to our developer team to see if they saw something like this before and/or if a simple fix is needed.

I will also suggest sending us an email to to track this the issue with the same question. Then, we can ensure it is tracked properly.