User scripts don't run despite following instructions in the user manual.

I’m trying to save my iptables rules and I’m having no luck, despite following the instructions found in the user manual. I’ve tried adding a symlink in rc2.d, I’ve tried adding the commands to the rc.user file in the /usr2 directory. I’ve even tried adding the commands to different scripts that are supposed to run on boot.

No mater what I try, the device seems to be resetting itself on reboot. When I run the “history” commands, none of my previous commands are there. When I check the rc2.d directory, my symlink disappears. Nothing I do seems to make the configuration stick, and the “IP filtering” web interface isn’t specific enough for me to use.

The only files that appear to be saving on the CLI are in the /tmp/cnf directory, and those don’t allow bash commands. Does anyone have any ideas?

What product are you using?

I’m using a Digi CM 16.