Digi PortServer II 16 can't console to CISCO device

I have inherited old Digi portserver II 16 ports. I have trying to setup our lab equipment (Cisco router & switches) to connect to port 2 through 10. I have following config with user credentials created and assigned to menu. When choose option 1 to connect to for example port 2 to console to cisco switch I get the error “command not valid or not unique” I have spent several hours to go through web but no luck. I have tried to change the ports form terminal to prn or host but no luck. Any help will be appreciated. I have digi RJ45 cable (label digi on portserver port side) on port 2 or port 10 and other end is connected to CISCO switch console port.

set menu range=1 t1=”Cisco management” t2=”Make sure you save!” name=menu1

set menu range=1 m2=”cisco 1″ c2=”connect 2″

set menu range=1 m3=”cisco 2″ c3=”connect 10″

set user name=cisco defaultaccess=menu menu=1

menu works fine its just when I press option 1 I get abover error for not valid command or not unique key. Please help.

Thanks for your help.