Second Serial Port?

I’ve been charged with getting a second serial port up and running on our Connect Core XP 270-based WinCE 5.0 platform.

As far as I can see, however, there is no second serial port in the hardware. Additionally, in platform builder 5, there is no optional “CCXP Serial (second instance)” driver to mirror the COM16550 driver.

I’ve noticed so far that adding the COM16550 driver has no effect on the number of serial ports I have available, and that I cannot remove either the CCXP Serial or the COM16550 driver because many, many things in my CE design rely on the COM port functionality.

I do not know what to do about adding an additional COM port, or if that is even possible with the Connect Core XP 270.

Thank you for your help,

Ok, so I have a clarification. The CCXP has 3 serial UARTS: a fully functional one, a IR-port UART, and a bluetooth UART.

We wired the IR port to a physical serial port, and are just using the Tx/Rx.

I still have a question: should we use the IR driver to run that port (I think not), and if not which driver’s source should we modifiy: the standard serial, or the IR’s. Lastly, how should I modify the registry so that my brand-spanking-new COM2 gets loaded?