Secure WIFI Ad-hoc problem

Dear guys,

I want to connect my rabbit5600W to my laptop wifi with encryption WPA2 but the security key(passphase) I enter always not matched.

I googled and some said adhoc does not support wpa2. Is that true?
Any formal document mention about that?
or else any one have sucessfully connect rabbit to pc in adhoc using wpa2?

If adhoc not support wpa, then what encryption method is supported?

Thx for reading the thread.

Warmest Regards,
Johnny Poh

Hello , Read the RCM 5600 user’s manual , there properly mentioned that how to use the adhoc mode. find the link below

For more details see the TCP_CONFIG.LIB file(Under Dynamic C root directory \Lib\Rabbit4000 cpip ), here mentioned that how to define the diffrent modes