Need tips/ideas to implement something

I am trying to implement something for a school project. I have a RCM5400W with Wifi capability. I want to be able to connect the RCM5400W to a computer via a usb cable. I want to be able to code an application on the computer(C, Java, whatever) that will ask the user for a Wifi SSID and WPA passphrase. I want to store this SSID and passphrase on the rabbit controller and then have it connect to the specified SSID using the passphrase.

Any ideas on how to do this? I know how to connect to wifi networks if i store the SSID and passphrase as const variables and I know how to implement usb communication to the rabbit controller from a computer. But I am stuck!

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

To store the info on the board, look into:

writeUserBlock(0, &a, 2);
readUserBlock(&a, 0, 2);

this will allow you to store your information to flash area, when you reboot you can get these values back and use them