Configure WIFI parameters during operation


I recently adquired a RCM5600W for evaluation. At this moment I am able to send/receive data correclty with it on our Wifi network.

For the SSID, I have used the “IFC_WIFI_SSID” directive as specified on documentation, and it all has worked as expected.

But now, what I would like to modify the SSID and some other WIFI parameters (i.e. encryption configuration) without having to compile and load a new program to the module.

Is it possible to configure the SSID and security parameters “on the fly”?
For example, to configure it through one of the module’s serial ports.

What do I need to do this?

I found a thread saying that it was possible using the “writeUserBlock” function, but how can I know the Flash memory address on which each parameter is stored?

Thank you very much in advance.

Hello, any idea?

For RCM5400W,You got any idea about how to send the data through the wifi and anther point use C# to receive the data buy using wireless access point (dwl2000ap+)…and then display…thank you…


How are you?
I asking the same things… I really need something like that…

Is there any update about this question?


You need to look at using the ifconfig() function to set the parameters on the fly. You will also need to consider some mechanism for storing the config items - BBRAM, User Block or files in the serial FLASH are all possibilities.