Selecting fixed PLMN (MCC/MNC) network on WR21?

In our environment we could choose from multiple mobile networks, how-ever we like to limit the WR21 to connect to only one (known good) mobile network. How could we configure the WR21 such that it is only connecting to one specific network?

Go to Management - Network Status > Interfaces > Mobile

Click “Scan for networks”

Wait for it to return with a list of available networks.

Click “lock” beside the network you want.

This uses an initialisation string using the
“modemcc 0 net_str” command.

For example, my WR11-U9 is locked to a network with:
modemcc 0 net_str “+COPS=1,2,26203”

Please note that the lock command may vary between modules so use the web interface to find out the correct syntax before rolling it out to other devices.