Send data of Repeaters to Coordinator (Battery values etc)

In Digimesh setup, knowing battery / voltage value is important since most of the devices are running on batteries. Sending voltage / battery data from End Device to Coordinator is easy.
How battery / voltage data for repeaters can be transferred to the coordinator without making significant changes in repeaters ? Are there any inherent features in repeaters ?

Which Digi XBee modules and firmware are you working with?

Xbee3 modules running on latest Digimesh firmware

Just query the %V command on your desired router or node.

Thanks Eric. Much obliged.
I recon this doesn’t reads from a specific pin but from the VIN terminal ?
Can you please provide a reference to manual where this command is mentioned, I’ll read it in detail.

Thanks again !!

Omer, Digi XBee® 3 DigiMesh 2.4 RF Module User Guide

Thanks again Eric :+1: