Send/Receive numbers don't match

I’m using two XBee’s, each attached to an Arduino. The sending XBee/Arduino pair is attached to a potentiometer, while the receiving pair is attached to a vibrating motor. The serial monitor in Arduino shows numbers from 0-680 when the sending pair is connected. However, when I connect the receiving pair to the computer and check the serial monitor, I get gibberish - numbers 0,1,2,3, or -38. They seem to correspond to the pot’s position, but don’t match the numbers being sent. Does anyone know if there’s a reason the numbers wouldn’t match on both ends? I’m very confused, and would really appreciate any help.



Can you specify, which type of interface are you using with the xbee. Either the sensor is connected to the IO pins of the xbee and monitoring the data on the PC or micro controller. Your description does not specify the exact problem you are facing.

Sorry about that - I have a potentiometer plugged into analog input 0 on an arduino. the TX RX cables of XBee1 are connected to the RX TX of arduino1. Then, on the receive side, I have another arduino with a Lillypad vibrating motor attached to pin9 for PWM output. The TX RX of XBee2 are connected to the RX TX of this arduino. When I connect the sending arduino (with the potentiometer) to the computer via usb, I get numbers 0 - 600 as I move the knob, which is what I would expect. However, when I connect the receiving arduino and check the serial terminal, as I move the pot, I get 0, 1, 2, 3, and then at the top of the dial, -38. The numbers move as I move the knob, but not in the way they should. Any ideas? Thanks for your help.