XB Pin VS Serial Values

I am sending potentiometer values to an XBee 3 through an Arduino board. I am having problems with latency if the resolution of the value’s is too great. Therefore, sending a stream of numbers with values too close together causes the serial port on the RX to get behind. This in turn causes “stepping” on the DAC on the RX Arduino.

Are there any settings I can try on the XBee that would speed up the serial output of the RX? I am using DigiMesh and I am unicasting now which is helping.

Also, what if I sent PWM values or voltage values from another DAC (?) on the TX side into an analog pin on the TX XBee? This needs to happen in real time (under 30 ms).

Thank you in advance!


You can make sure it is set to unicast, MR to 0, and DO to 0x40. That may help.

Thank you. I’m in unicast and I’ll try MR-0. DO is a pin select that doesn’t take a Hex Value. Which parameter did you mean?
Would this information be sent quicker if the potentiometer was connected directly to an XBee pin and manipulated with MicroPython?

I am referring to Transmit Options.

Thank you. This is helping.