sending a mail


Is possible to send a mail to a gmail or yahoo email-address from the rabbit RCM2200?

Can someone give me an example (because I tried to adapt the example in one of the manuals but it didnt work out).

Thank you.

I am also having trouble sending an email. I have tried to alter the example smtp.c that was provided with no luck. I have been trying to send an email from a gawab, and yahoo account. I have looked up the proper smtp severs and ports but still I am not able to get the email to send. I’ve turned on the debugging tools in the file and have been getting this output in the stdio window:

Code execution counter = 161to:1bec
SMTP: Resolving
SMTP: Error resolving server (fffc).

Error sending the email message
Code execution counter = 1832

I have also not been able to “ping” the controller while it has the smtp.c code running but when I run the dhcp.c program I can ping the board from my laptop and get a response.

My initial thought is that the mail server is rejecting the device for some security reason but I have not evidence to prove that.

If anyone has any tips on how to get this program to send and email or knows an account that they have used to successfully send an email through if you could let me know that would be gratefully appreciated.

Thank you for your time.

The RCM2200 landscapes an integrated Ethernet port and provides for LAN and Internet-enabled Systems.Therefore it might be best.