Sending Email from Rabbit based controller

Hi Friends,

I am trying to send email messages from my BL2600. I need to implement this because in my project I need to design the rabbit in such a way that it sends email to our company email server when an arlarm comes in. Therefore I started with the sample smtp.c

This works fine with the free email server which is on the same LAN where my controller is. The controller is definitely going to be outside our LAN. Now, my problem is it possible to communicate from rabbit to a server (that is not on the same LAN) over the internet?

I tried to connect the rabbit to a server which is not in the same network. I received error message. I put #define SMTP_VERBOSE in my program to log the message session. I received the following message

SMTP: resolving

SMTP: error resolving server(fffc)

Also tried to print the smtp_status() value. This was -451

I tried with some other free servers like but the same error message. What I understand is, when the server is outside the local area network, the rabbit is not connecting. Its bit confusing. I am unable to decide whether it�s a rabbit issue or the network issue.

Could anyone please advice me on whether it is possible to connect to a server outside the LAN form our rabbit controller? If so, pls advice me on the possible causes for this error message. If its non rabbit related, I can contact IT people to solve this problem.

Thank you

T P Rathan