Target communication error

Hello everybody,

I have a problem with communicating with mine BL2600. Last week i have programmed and tested a couple of programs succesfully. After the weekend i plugged it in i wanted to start again but instead i got the following error “while sending Pilot BIOS Target communication error”.

What have i done to solve this:

  • Restarted my computer
  • Checked the programming cord
  • Tried loading smaller programs

However i keep getting the same problem.Does anyone know what i can do???

P.S. I am using Dynamic C 9.62.


See the following very recent posts with the same problem,
as well as

Hello Kobuseng,

Thanks for the quick reaction. I have tried the solutions described in the links you have sent for me, however i keep getting the same error.

I have tried various baud rates and com ports, i keep getting the same error.

Is there something else i can try??

Is there something else i can try??

Not really, the error message only really indicates DC cannot communicate with your rabbit. Could be cable fault, wrong comm port, uC fried, anything really. Goodluck.

As I said in the other post, there was at one time a problem with USB to serial adapters (and apparantly USB hubs as well from one of the links), so make sure to keep away from them. Other than that maybe a loose connector etc, happy bug hunting…