SEP Key Establishment Cluster

I’m trying to use the SEP 1.1 and I think this is the only thing that I cant do it. I have a coordinator and 2 routers (one Meter and one Load Control): implement the Key establishment cluster and define the Device ID to each one…

To implement the Key Establishment cluster I need to do the following steps:

  1. Install the test certificate on each device(commands ZU ZV e ZT).
  2. router EO = 8
  3. Join the router to a network.

AI set to 0x30 as it should.

  1. Send a ZDO match descriptor request (clusterID=0x0006) with the payload:
    7E 46 09 01 01 00 80 01 00 80
    16bit addr: 46 7E
    profile ID 01 09
    NumInClusters 01
    inClustersList 08 00
    NumOutClusters 01
    OutClustersList 08 00
    To obtain the Endpoint on the trust center that supports the Key Establishment cluster.

  2. Performe the key establishment to obtain the new lin key. And is here where I have some doubts. In the Zigbee Smart Energy Specification, C.5.1:

5.1) Initiator Data and Responder data .Can someone tell me where I can find the values in the table in C5.1.2 ? The Publick Key Reconstruction Data, IEEE, Issuer and Attributes.

5.2) To send the initiate key establishment command, I dont understand the APS Header.

Please, Can you help me in 5.1 and 5.2 steps?

Thanks in advance.

May I suggest using the Idigi web functions and the smart energy kit items. Then use a port sniffer to view what you issue from the Cloud to the Gateway.