Serial data

I am just getting started with Xbee so any help would be appreciated. I can connect my devices and data is transmitted but it comes out garbled. See example below.

It may be some issue with mismatch of baud rate or some other factor like data or stop bits.

Hello Richard,

I bet you have configured your XBee in API mode. That’s why you are receiving non-printable characters (the ‘~’ or 0x7E is the API Frame delimiter). The serial port settings seems to be rigth (if they weren’t, you wouldn’t see any useful info).

Configure your device in AT mode and try again.

If you need more information on how to do that, please be more specific on what kind of module you have.

Best regards,

Hi Sebastian,

Thank you very much for your reply… that makes a lot of sense. It was irritating the hell out of me as to why I was only get half a stream. Yes, they were configured in API mode. I will give it a go trying in AT mode when I get home next week and let you know how it goes.



You migth want to check this post. It seems to be a similar case, I notice that you are receiving Temperature=xx.yy in two different packets.

Got back late last night and tried to configure them as you suggested… seems you were right and the date comes through fine now. Thank you so much for your advice. The two temperature readings come in from two different sources so that is no problem. Thanks again.

Glad you got it working. You are welcome!