xbee api strange characters being printed on serial port

I have 2 arduino nodes with xbee’s configured in api mode.

The sending and receiving is working well but, whenever my programs reaches the xbee.send command, some weird characters are being printed on the screen. I have checked the baud rate and that should not be the problem.
Any suggestions?


Are you sure you are not seeing the ASCII values of the Hex API frames?

Yes these are the ascii values, but i dont want to see them.

Sounds like you have some issues with your code. What I would suggest is looking into your send.xbee command and see where else it is sending the data to in your code. You may even want to go to some blogs on Arduino and ask how to correct that in your code.

I just issue this command once in my code to send an api frame to the address of my other xbee. It is printing that packet, which is not required

Try sending the same frame with XCTU and the module mounted to the PC. I think you will see that you will not have the same issue. That is providing you are not seeing the response frame.