Strange API packets in XBEE PRO

We are using transparent mode (non API), but occasionally we get API packets anyway. Below are some typical examples:

7E 07 D0 4F C1

7E 07 D0 4E EA

7E 07 D0 4C C1

They are clearly API packets (7E), but they dont seem to be valid otherwise vs. documentation.

What are we missing?

Hi …

On which module are you getting these messages? Either at the transmitting end or at the receiving end.? And are you getting these message in Hex window or Normal Terminal Window.? And which configuration of your XBee module are you using.?

We resolved this problem: Turned out these were API packets from the I/O function, but they were cut short due to marginal receptions. We moved the nodes closer and were able to pick up the full packets and then disable. Thanks for the responses.

I don’t reckon those are API packets. I think they’re cases where your normal transparent data stream happens to contain a 7E character (“~”).

The giveaway is that, whatever version of XBee you have, there are no possible packets of the length claimed.

As to the solution for your problem, well, as shahrj1988 has said, we’d need more information. If you can expand on the issue it’ll help us to help you.

Really, The Shortest Packet can be sent is of 6 bytes, for checking Modem Status