Serial sensor conected remotely to its PC manufacturer software

I´m tryibg to connect a serial sensor trough a couple of XBP08-DPSIT-024 to the sensor manufacturer software in a pc.

In theory it has to be enough with setting the Xbee modules to connect and comunicate to each other (bi-directionally, the sensor software can configure the sensor for different outputs on demand and the sensor send back data to the software) having the same serial configuration as the sensor serial port (the sensor is normally connected to the computer through a USB cable), but it is not working…

The sensor serial setting is the next
Baud Rate 230400
Data bits 8
Parity none
Stop bits 1
Flow control disabled

The idea is that the Xbee modules do the same work as the serial cable and for this I tryed to connect sensor RX and TX serial lines to the module adapter DIIO & DIOI but it is not working, there are several options in the XCTU tool that I dont know hot to set… Could someone explain to me how to set up this modules in order to get the remote data from the sensor?


The XBee PRO 868 modules have a throughput rate of 2.4kbits per second with a transmit duty cycle limit of 10%.

Your sensor running at 230400bp most likely has a required throughput of close to 230,000bps which is well over the XBee PRO 868 module.