Serial stats?

I’ve noticed a couple of odd things with the IAP’s serial stats. Maybe I just don’t understand how things are supposed to work?

Does the IAP count parity, framing, or overrun errors? I’ve played around with forcing parity errors (IAP set to 9600-8E1, PC set to 9600-8O1) and overrun (or framing?) errors (PC set to 300-8O1). I’m looking at the internal webserver pages (such as /reports/ports/serial_stats.htm?1).

With the correct baud rate and correct parity, only the “Total Data In” count increments. With the correct baud rate and incorrect parity, only the “Total Data In” count increments. I expected to see the “Parity Errors” counter increment, but it does not.

With incorrect baud rate and incorrect parity, I was expecting to see framing or overrun errors, but didn’t. (Usually I don’t see any counters increment with both baud and parity set wrong.)

In all cases, the front panel RX light was blinking.

I then went to the command line interface to see if maybe it worked. It seems to only report TX and RX counts:
#> info serial

Serial statistics collected over last 1 minute(s).

Index rbytes tbytes
1 15 0
I also noticed that clearing the counters from the command line (“info clear”) does not clear the counters displayed from the webserver. Is there a way to clear the webserver’s displayed serial counters? (Other than a reboot, of course!)

Firmware version info:
#> show version

Digi One IAP(55001038-01):

Component Part-Number Release-Tag

BOOT 82000827 release_82000827_B
POST 82000779 release_82000779_D
Factory EOS 82000770 release_82000770_E1
Running EOS 82000770 release_82000770_E1