Setting Socket Options on Digi One SP

Is there anyway to specify Socket Options for the Digi to use? In particular I would like to be able to control SO_LINGER so that when the connection goes down the Digi does not sit in a timeout. I would like it to release the port right away when the connection gets dropped.

Any help would be appreciated…


I’m not sure about controlling SO_LINGER. I did a quick google search and it looks like a Linux option. Would you be controlling it via ioctl on a Realport tty?

As far as the hardware itself, what you’ll need to do is set the tcp keepalive to its minimum value so the port frees up sooner.

This setting is found via the Digi One SP’s Web UI, in Configuration > Network > Advanced Netword Settings.

Enable TCP Keepalive, then set it for a value of 0 hours, 0 minutes, 10 seconds. Under TCP/IP settings, change Probe Count to 5, Probe Interval to 10. Also, change Retransmission Timeout to 5.

These are the minimum settings for those fields, and will result in an orphaned Digi One SP socket connection freeing up in 50 seconds.