I am using XB24 MODEMs. I want to use input-output pins of this modem. I am connecting switch to pin no 20 of 1st XB24 MODEM and have connected LED to pin no 20 of 2nd XB24.But i am not able to access it. I am programming these modems with the help of X-CTU. But I am not getting which parameters to be set through X-CTU.

Can anybody let me know which parameters to be set with the help of X-CTU? [:((] [:((]

Hello trp,

Please be more specific on what the problem is. Pin 20 is the default commissioning button, so it migth be not a good idea to use that particular one. However, it is possible, AT paramater D0 controls that pin. Find the documentation here.

From the product manual, page 34:

[b]D0[/b]: Select/Read settings for AD0/DIO0 (pin 20).
    Options include: Analog-to-digital converter, Digital Input and Digital Output.
Parameter Range:[b]
   0 = Disabled
   1 = (n/a)
   2 = ADC
   3 = DI
   4 = DO low
   5 = DO high[b]

So, to configure it as input, set ATD0=3 and read the value as described in the user manual. And to turn a LED ON/OFF set ATD0=5/4.

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thanks spastor…

here i am attaching one link for your ref. I am following the same. Basically I want to control the LED which is connected to one XB24 with the help of SWITCH connected to other XB24.

As i am new to zigbee environment,need brief explanation i.e. what setting should do with the help OF x-ctu for XB24 to do above project.Plz check the following links


As per they have shown, i have done the harware side clear. But when the time comes to program xb24 i am facing prblm in at commands,as per they have shown.
I am not getting command ATIA in XB24. Can you guide me regarding this setting?

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I have also search on net for XB24 INPUT/OUTPUT setting…Plz tell me about the setting of X-CTU to use two XB24 MODEMS,where I want to turn on/off the LED connected to one XB24 MODEM with the help of SWITCH connected to other XB24 MODEM.
Hope now you get my exact problem.


I followed those steps and it worked perfectly. I’ve seen your other post; please, don’t duplicate posts, it does not help to solve your problem faster and the information will be lost…

Again, please be more specific, I’ve tried your problem with two XB24 Modem with 802.15.4 function set, version 10ED. Find attached the .pro files if you want to load them with X-CTU.

HOWEVER, in your other post it seems that you are not using an 802.15.4 XBee module but a ZigBee module because of the API frame type 0x91 (highlithed in your image) is only supported in XBee ZB modules (XB24-ZB Modems). If that is the case it is not possible to do that without external MCU because XBee ZigBee modules do not allow Digital Input/Output Line Passing.

More information on Digital Input/Output Line Passing here.

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thanks…i was unaware abiut this. After reading the data from net had also try to select XB24(805.15.4) MODEM previously. But i was getting problem in that. Plz check the file i am attching for which ind of error i was getting.i.e.

Getting modem type…OK
Programming modem…Flash checksum error failed
Write Parameters…Failed

If my MODEM is of XB24 then it should able to write XB24(805.15.4) na? why it is showing Flash checksum error failed.
Sorry but i have no idea about this. plz let me know

Plz what should i do to remove this?
Shall i have to take other MODEM? Right now i have 2 MODEMS of XB24-Z7UIT-004 REVJ type. In which i am trying to write XB24(805.15.4). Will it work? [:(]

Have you test the commands that i have posted early with XB24(805.15.4) MODEM?


I was not able to open this .pro files


If i want to use the MODEM that i have i.e XB24-Z7WIT-004 REVJ for the same purpose,then what i have to do?

Hello trp,

No, it is not posible to flash 802.15.4 firmware (XB24) to a ZigBee module. You would need XBee Series 1 for automatic Digital I/O Line Passing


Thanks a lot [:)] … will try to get xb 805.15.4 modem and will try the same things with that modem separately.thanks… [:)]

But still suppose i want to use input/output of XB24-Z7 MODEM then what i have to do? As zigbee have also provided input/ouput pins in this XB24-Z7 MODEM.

PlZ also guide me for the same. [:)]

You have wrote in your previous post,
“If that is the case it is not possible to do that without external MCU because XBee ZigBee modules do not allow Digital Input/Output Line Passing”
But supoose i don’t want to use MCU…iS THERE ANY WAY to do wireless??


Can you explain me the difference between XBEE and ZIGBEE? [:)] [:)] [:)]

The way to do that in XBee ZigBee modules is to send remote AT commands from the module with the button to the module with the LED, but you can’t program it to do it automatically as un XBee 802.15.4 modules, you must use a MCU to create, send and parse the API frames.

About the difference between XBee and ZigBee… you are mixing concepts, XBee is a series of modules of different protocols and frequencies (point-to-point, ZigBee, SmartEnergy, DigiMesh, etc), IEEE 802.15.4 a standard and ZigBee a standard protocol that makes use of 802.15.4.


thanks a lot…ur info helps me a lot… [:)] [:)]

i had jst for the diff in betwen those two. jst posting u the link…

again thanks a lot for ur valuable feedback…


trp [:)] [:)]

plz check it out,