setup WR21 as secondary path to terminal server.

I have a terminal server that has a primary circuit connection. I would like to add a WR21 as a secondary LTE connection in case the circuit fails. The terminal server has dual LANs so I do not need to change anything on the circuit to terminal server configuration. I have placed on LAN1 of the WR21 and will place 10.50.0.l3 on the terminal server on the secondary LAN port. Can someone help me with the configuration? I can access the WR21 remotely via the Verizon public IP.


if Verizon have given you a public IP address and the router is connected. you can connect to the router using any methord you do if it is connected to a local LAN


but if you have a public address you will need to use the firewall to block hackers and only allow access from know good address there is relecant informaion about this in the user guide